Snake Dandaung

In profiled in ancient times there was a great kingdom and famous in South Kalimantan. The location of the kingdom sandwiched between two pieces of the mountain and flowed a great river. The soil is very fertile and its people prosper. The results of abundant natural wealth. Kingdom was led by a highway in a fair and wise. He has a consort and seven daughters. Natural resources not owned for the benefit of the royal family, but for the welfare of the people. Cultivate people's land in accordance with the rights they have. It was never a dispute between residents. They live in harmony and peace."There's a giant bird!", Shouted the people of the land that saw the giant bird. They do not know where they come from a giant bird that suddenly came raging. The giant bird is very scary, big beak and sharp shiny. Once pecked man had died instantly. Claws can immediately grabbed dozens of people and made helpless. Flap wings to almost all parts of the country into darkness. The whole people of the country into a panic and frenzy. https://jalasenastri

"We must fight the giant bird?" Mahapatih said to the King Majesty. Majesty the King immediately sent thousands of troops to crush the choice was a giant bird. Various weapons are directed to a giant bird's body, but in vain. Even the giant bird blind, raging like a wounded bull. No one survived prajuritpun, the inhabitants of the land. Rice paddies and fields to be ravaged. State of harmony and peaceful country that, like losing the war.See a crumbling empire was destroyed and no more houses, fields, and the remaining property, all that makes people become more and more tormented. So with the remnants of the existing force, soldiers and civilians who had fled up the strength to work together and collect any weapons to fight the evil giant bird. Thanks to the solidarity and cooperation between the soldiers and the people who desperately against the giant bird, giant birds fatigue and eventually stop the attacks. The people give thanks to God for a while avoid the attack of the giant birds. 

A few days later, they were surprised by the arrival of a giant snake. The snake opened its mouth wide and stuck his tongue in front of the royal family of venomous very frightened. "Do not worry Sir, I will not kill the king and family, as long as the servant of the king refused to grant the request," said the snake hissing. Listening to a giant snake that gave the sign will not endanger his family, ventured Majesty said to the giant snake. "Who are you? And what is your wish?" Said Lord King.

"The name of the Snake Dandaung servant," replied the giant snakes with respect. "I want to marry the daughter of one of his Majesty," he continued. Of course the King family by surprise. Even the eldest daughter and five younger brother screamed in terror as he embraced his mother. However, the King and tried to calm the situation under control to avoid a chaotic atmosphere. Majesty thought for a moment while breath. He wanted to find out the best way, because if he missteps, their lives would be threatened. "I do not reject, but also did not accept the petition," said Majesty and a half of confusion. "I have to ask my daughters," he added. Hear the answer to the King, the snake's eyes lit up like Dandaung expect certainty from one of the daughter of King.But the daughters of King of the eldest daughter of the sixth to not accept the proposal Dandaung Snake. "I do not want to mate with a nasty snake!,". "Pshaw!. I'd rather die than marry her," as the words came out of the king's daughters. Finally, "I'm willing to be his wife," said the youngest daughter as she knelt before his father. Finally, the youngest daughter and the snake Dandaung announced as husband and wife are legitimate. Of course a lot of ridicule and scorn from the sixth brother, but he replied with a sweet smile.

One night, Youngest daughter suddenly woke up and was surprised to see who was beside him instead of the Snake Dandaung, but a handsome and gallant young man dressed in the King. "Do not be surprised, I'm your husband. You have helped me free from the curse," said Snake Dandaung convincing. After a quiet Youngest Daughter, Snake Dandaung then told me that he was condemned for his mistake. He will be freed from the curse if it can marry a princess, and he succeeded. Seeing this, the sixth youngest sister Princess regret. However, rice has become porridge.

The snake was a powerful Dandaung. Empire-in-law saw it shattered immediately intervened. He was soon looking for Giant Bird. There was heavy fighting. Snakes Dandaung exert all his power and eventually managed to destroy a giant bird. Since then, the village is a safe and secure again.

Myrtle Flowers saga

In ancient times, there was a king who had ten daughters are beautiful. The king was known as a wise king. But he was too busy with his leadership, so it can not afford to educate their children. The king's wife had died giving birth to the youngest, so that children are cared for by the king's host a caregiver. Daughters of the King to be spoiled and spiteful.  

They love to play in the lake. They do not want to learn and wants to help his father. The quarrel took place between them.Tenth daughter's name with the names of colors. Eldest daughter named Princess Rose. His sister was named Miss Orange, daughter of Nila, Miss Green, Miss Grey, Miss Orange, Princess and Princess Yellow Rose, who dress the same color with their names. In this way, the old king able to recognize from a distance. Even if they are almost the same beauty, the youngest daughter of the yellow slightly different, seemed stale and nasty. Instead, she was always cheerful and smiling and friendly to everyone. He prefers to sleep bebergian caregivers who with his brothers. 

One day, the king was about to go away. Summoning all his daughters. "I want to make a long, long time. By-from what you want?" asked the king. "I like expensive jewelry," said the princess pink. "I want a shiny silk mirror," said Miss Orange. 9 The king asks expensive gifts to their father. But the princess is not yellow. He thought for a moment, then takes the arm of her father. "Dad, I just want my father back safely," he said. His brothers, laughing and mocking. "My son, the speech really good. Of course I will bring you back safe and beautiful gifts for you," said the king. Shortly after, the king went away.for the king is gone, the daughter of the wicked and lazy. 

 Often a guest nanny broke it and said to the waiter to obey them. Due to busy to obey the request of the daughter of a fuss, the waiter had not had time to clean the garden of the palace. The yellow is very sad to see her daughter because the park is a favorite place of his father. Without hesitation, Miss Yellow took a broom and began to clean the park. Knocked out the  dry leaves, removal of weeds and branches of trees were cut to clean up.  

Caregivers welcome original ban, but still insisted on the Yellow Princess.Yellow brothers princess who has seen his brother swept, laughing out loud. "Look I think we have a new maid," said one of them. "Hey waiter! There ya dirty!" said one to another, throwing garbage. Building well-kept garden, back into chaos. Yellow Princess silent and sweep the dirt. The incident happened over and over again until all Yellow Princess. In his heart he felt the suffering of the servant who was forced to comply with various orders of his brothers."You guys are really crazy. Father would not take anything for you. Usually just give it up!" Yellow Princess said angrily. "And 'ah, I'm bored. We swim in the lake!" invite Ms. Nila. They left the Yellow Princess alone. This happens every day, until their father came home. When the king arrived at the palace, the ninth daughter was playing on the lake, and is organizing Miss Yellow flowers on the terrace of the palace.

Knowing this, the king became very sad. "My son is diligent and loving father! Was not able to give something more of this green stone necklace, a yellow color instead of your beloved!" said the King.The king was looking for a necklace of yellow stone in various countries, but has never been found. "Please, Daddy, not why. Green stone was beautiful! See, right before my shirt matched the color yellow," said Miss Yellow softly. "Importantly, the father is back. I will make tea for my father," he continued. When Miss Yellow is making tea, her brothers arrive.  

They are looking for gifts and noisy show each other. No one remembers the Yellow Princess, not to mention get the reward. The next day, the princess saw Yellow Green Princess wearing her new necklace. "O my brother, really beautiful necklace! Necklace should be mine, because I was Miss Green!" he said with a feeling of envy.My father gave me, not you, "said Miss Yellow. Heard, Miss Green was angry. Was soon looking for his brothers and incite them." My necklace was, but he takes after his father.  

We must teach them to do good! "Said Miss Green. They then decided to take possession of the necklace. Shortly after, the princess appeared yellow. His older brother caught him and hit his head. Not unexpectedly, causing the shot Yellow Princess died." Gosh! We have to bury, "cried Miss Orange. They bring the princess rollicking Yellow, and then buried in the garden of the palace. Miss Green joined bury green stone necklace, because she did not want him.When the king to find Miss Yellow, nobody knows where her daughter was gone. His brothers were silent.  

The king was very angry. "My guards! Search and find Miss Yellow!" he cried. Of course no one could find him. For months, days, weeks, nobody could find him. The king was very sad. "I'm a bad father," he said. "Can I send my children to a distant place to learn and hone their manners!" So he sent his daughters to attend school in a distant land.  

The king himself often distracted in the garden of the palace, sad for her daughter disappeared without a trace of yellow.One day, a plant growing in the tomb of Princess Yellow. The king was surprised to see him. "The plant is this? Trunk dress like a princess, glossy rounded leaves, like a necklace of green, yellow and white flowers are very fragrant! These plants remind me of Princess Yellow. Well, I gave the name of Myrtle.! " said the king is pleased. Since then the yellow flower is named. In fact, the yellow flowers can be used to perfume the hair. The trunk is used to create beautiful boxes, while the bark is made into powder. Once dead, Miss Yellow is still a benefit.